Antique Tortoiseshell Whieldon Ware Dishes



Three 18th-century English Whieldon ware dishes, also known as tortoiseshell ware.

Tortoiseshell ware is 18th century creamware that is decorated under the glaze by painting or sponging with metallic oxides. During firing of the glaze, the colors flow to produce the tortoiseshell effect.

The three dishes comprise a large platter with wonderful impressed feather edge decoration on the border, a round dinner dish also with a feather edge, and a dinner dish with a simple raised border. The colors of a each piece are unique and outstanding; mixing several tones of brown with splashes of yellow, ocher, green and grey.

Thomas Whieldon played a leading role in the development of tortoiseshell ware, creamware, and salt glazed pottery in mid 18th-century England.


The platter measures D 16 in. x W 13 in. x H 1.5 in.

The dish with the feather edge measures Dm 9.5 in.

The dish with the simple raised border measures Dm 9.3 in.




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