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  • Pair of Pearlware Pottery Baskets England Circa 1820


    This pair of elegant oval-shaped pearlware baskets and stands were made by Thomas Fell & Co**, St Peter’s Pottery, Newcastle upon Tyne, circa 1830. The baskets were made to hold bread or baked sweets. They also look great filled with flowers (see image #2)
    The creamware body was pearled with a lovely blue-white glaze and painted with touches of purple enamel*.
    We see decorative purple lines along the top and bottom of the baskets, and the strap handles are each painted with a purple floral design (see image #5)
    Pressed out in a mold, the baskets have lovely arcaded openwork sides.
    The stands also have a band of arcaded openwork.
    The baskets and stands are decorated with three lines of purple enamel defining the border and the outer edge.
    **One of the stands is impressed on the underside with the “F and “Anchor” marks of Thomas Fell & Co. St Peter’s Pottery, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England.

    Dimensions: the baskets measure 5″ tall x 10.5″ from handle to handle
    The stands 10.5″ wide x 8.25″ deep

    Condition: Excellent with original light craquelure in the glaze

  • Wedgwood Creamware Basket and Stand Made England Circa 1820


    This elegant Wedgwood creamware basket and stand have matching pierced arcades.
    The borders of the stand and the basket are decorated with midnight brown slip, as are the basket’s handles.
    Pressed out in a mold, the basket has impressed horizontal bands of decoration.
    Dimensions: The basket 4″ tall x 9.25″ long x 5″ wide

    Condition: Very good with small kiln burns where the original glaze didn’t take

  • French Golden Paris Porcelain Pierced Basket 19th Century Circa 1840


    This elegant Paris Porcelain pierced basket is oval shaped, with lavishly gilded latticework.
    The Empire style is timeless, and the latticework of the baskets lends delicacy and light to the design.
    The white line across the top of the base accentuates the richness of the gold, adding a touch of intensity to the overall design.
    The long rectangular base of the basket harmonizes with its oval shape, creating a pleasing visual balance.
    Filled with flowers, this is the perfect centerpiece for a formal dining room table, either oval shaped or rectangular.
    It would also be exquisite on a sideboard in the dining room.

    Dimensions: 13.75″ long x 7.5″ wide x 10.75″ tall. The basket is 4.75″ deep.

    Condition: Very Good, with some gilt invisibly restored

  • French Gilded Paris Porcelain Basket with Pair of Gilded Paris Porcelain Vases


    We are pleased to offer this elegant three-part group of Paris Porcelain in the Empire style crafted circa 1840.
    The centerpiece is an oval-shaped pierced basket, lavishly gilded with delicate latticework. The golden Empire style lends an air of grandeur to the design, while the intricate latticework adds a sense of delicacy and allows light to play through. The white line across the top of the base further enhances the richness of the gold, creating a touch of intensity. The long rectangular base harmonizes beautifully with the oval shape, creating a visually balanced composition. With dimensions of 13.75″ long x 7.5″ wide x 10.75″ tall and a depth of 4.75″, this basket is perfect as a centerpiece for a formal dining room table, be it oval-shaped or rectangular. It would also make an exquisite addition to a dining room sideboard.
    Flanking the centerpiece is a pair of golden Paris Porcelain mantle vases in the Empire style and crafted circa 1840. The gilding on these vases is exquisite. Delicate bands of flowers and matte handles further emphasize the luxury of the gold. These vases stand 12.5″ tall and measure 6″ across the handles, with a depth of 4″. Their dimensions and captivating design make them ideal as companions to the centerpiece or for adorning a mantelpiece.
    Both pieces are in very good to excellent condition, with some small touches of gilt invisibly restored on the basket, while the vases are pristine.

    Dimensions of the basket: 13.75″ long x 7.5″ wide x 10.75″ tall. The basket is 4.75″ deep.
    Dimensions of the vases: 12.5″ tall x 6″ across the handles x 4″ deep

    Condition: Very Good, to Excellent with some touches of gilt invisibly restored on the basket

  • German Faience Pierced Basket Made by Johann Jacob Kaiser Circa 1808


    This rustic white faience basket has an oval pierced body around a solid bottom.
    It is modeled on a wicker basket, a popular motif for late 18th and early 19th-century Continental ceramics.
    Made to hold bread, this was a valuable item at the kitchen table in the morning.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Today it could be filed with flowers!
    The basket was manufactured circa 1808 at the Durlach factory in Germany. At that time, Durlach (Baden) was one of many German centers of faience production.
    The Durlach factory was founded In 1723 by J H Wackenfeld. Until 1818 there was no factory mark, but artists signed their work; among the most prominent was Johann Jacob Kaiser (1773–1835), who signed his works with a black “K” (see Image #6).
    After 1818 the factory’s earthenware was marked “Durlach.”*
    Dimensions: 7.25 length x 5.2″ width x 2.5” height
    Condition: Excellent with small original firing defects on the basket floor (see image #3).                                        The underside with paper label for the Sammlung Collection
    * See: E. Petrasch: Durlacher Fayencen, 1723×847 (exh. cat., Karlsruhe, Bad. Landesmus., 1975) Durlacher Fayencen (exh. cat., Mannheim, Städt. Reiss-Mus., 1978) R. Simmermacher

  • Three Antique Porcelain Pink and Green Niderviller Open-Work Baskets Circa 1800

  • Pair of French Gilded Porcelain Baskets ‘Corbeilles’


    Provenance: The Collection of Nelson Doubleday, Jr.

    Created in France in the mid-19th century, circa 1860, the baskets are decorated with delicate flowers and lavish gilding. They stand on rectangular bases of clean white porcelain with gilded outlines. The lattice work of the baskets lends delicacy and light to the design.

    Originally this pair of elegant oval-shaped antique French porcelain pierced baskets (corbeilles) would have been placed on a table to hold fruit. They would be lovely on any table or sideboard. Their timeless beauty will enhance any room.

    Dimensions: 13.5 inches W x 9.5 inches H x 7.75 inches D

    Condition: Excellent


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