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  • Blue and White Platter Chinese Porcelain In The Style Of Qianlong Era Circa 1770


    This exquisite Chinese blue and white porcelain platter was painted in the 20th century in the style of the Qianlong Era circa 1770. It has timeless appeal and symbolic meaning!
    We see a lovely pair of spotted deer in a clearing near pine trees.
    In Chinese tradition, combining pine trees with deer conveys a wish for longevity to the owner of the platter. To the left of the pines, we see bamboo trees, and across the water, we see flowering fruit trees.
    This combination of trees is known as the Three Friends of Winter*, symbolizing longevity and persistence.
    The scene is beautiful, combining medium and deep tones of blue.
    The border decoration has intricate patterning with alternating fences and floral decoration.
    The shape of the platter is a traditional Chinese export cut-cornered rectangle.

    Dimensions: 14″ x 10.75″ x 1″height

    Condition: Excellent

    Provenance: A private Swedish collection. Note the sticker on the back of the platter.

    *This grouping first appeared in a ninth-century poem by Zhu Qingyu.
    For more information on the Three Friends of Winter, see Chinese Art A Guide to Motifs and Visual Imagery by PB Welch.

  • Pair Blue and White Delft jars


    This pair of large Delft jars has a traditional blue and white floral decoration painted on a white tin-glazed ground.
    The body of each jar features four large panels; two show a peacock among flowers, and two show a vase overflowing with flowers.
    The shoulders and cover are decorated in a traditional style with floral panels separated by “diamonds.”
    This pair of jars were made by the Delft factory of Boch Frères Keramis in La Louvière, Belgium.
    The underside of each jar is marked. From the marks, we date the jars to circa 1922.

    Dimensions: Height 16.5″ x diameter at the widest point 8.5″ x diameter at the base 5″.

    Condition: Excellent

  • Set of 11 Large Masons Ironstone Dinner Plates Circa 1900


    The color is fabulous.

    This excellent set of eleven Mason’s Ironstone plates is decorated in rich rust color with overall black detailing resembling sharkskin. This attractive set dates to circa 1900.  On the reverse is a transfer printed crown and banner in black with the pattern number ‘C.1753’ in iron-red, and the impressed “2XG” and “ENGLAND,” which Masons began to stamp after 1891. The marks indicate Masons made the set circa 1915.

    Dimensions: 10.5″ diameter.

    Condition: Good with craquelure to the reverse of the dishes (see images #10 and #11). Craquelure results from the initial firing process in 1915 when the glaze and the earthenware body under it expanded and contracted at different rates during the heating and cooling process.

  • Set Dozen Wedgwood Creamware Dinner Dishes Made England 1904


    Made in 1904, the border design on this set of Wedgwood dinner dishes was inspired by designs in Josiah Wedgwood’s mid-18th century First Pattern Book. The red berries and beige leaves on the vine combine perfectly with the creamy color of the creamware plate. The result is a subtle beauty. The underside of the dishes has an impressed mark for Wedgwood and “W G” for August 1904.

    Dimensions: diameter 9.25″ x .75″ height

    Condition: Excellent

  • Large Blue and White Delft Jar Made Belgium Circa 1890


    This large Delft jar has a traditional bird and flower decoration painted on a white tin-glazed ground. We see birds in a garden of beautiful flowers. The design on the shoulders and cover is classic Delft, with panels decorated with blue flowers on white ground separated by blue background decorated with leaves and vines. A traditional lion finial tops the cover. The jar is octagonal with a light pink tone as the white tin glaze was painted in a way that lets a bit of the underlying clay show through. Made by Boch Frères Keramis in La Louvière, Belgium.
    Belgium was part of The Netherlands until 1831. Many of the early workers at Boch Frères Keramis were hired away from Dutch Delft factories. Begun in 1844, Boch Frères Keramis won a gold medal at the exhibition of Belgian industry in 1847. The underside of the jar is marked. From the marks, we date the jar to circa 1890.

    Dimensions: 23.5″ tall x 11″ across x 6.1 across the base

    Condition: Excellent with some faint lines in the glaze from the making.

  • Ten Neoclassical Porcelain Plates with Acanthus Leaf Decoration Copeland Spode England


    This set of ten neoclassical plates was made for dessert or salad. They measure 8.5″ in diameter. The plates are decorated with a simple, elegant acanthus leaf design painted in burnt orange, light orange, and gold. Acanthus leaves form the medallion at the center and a wreath along the border of each plate. The plates were made in England in the mid-20th century circa 1960 and retailed by the premiere 20th century London porcelain shop, T Goode & Co. Ltd. The Copeland Spode stamp on the back of each plate shows that the plates were made between 1960-1963.

  • Blue and White Delft Jar Hand-Painted in The Netherlands


    This blue and white jar is a hand-painted gem. What makes this jar so exceptional is the exquisite deep rich blue painting. Made by De Porceleyne Fles, this lovely jar is beautifully decorated with flowers, rockwork, and butterflies in a traditional Delft theme. The ribbed body sits on a traditional octagonal base. The ribbing adds life to the decoration as light plays over the curves.

    Dimensions: 12″ tall x 6.75″ at widest point x 5.25″ across the base

    Condition: Excellent

  • Large Antique Punch Bowl Made England Circa 1860


    A large bowl painted in a soft orange with a simple black neoclassical design on the inner border, and a black painted edge. The shape of the bowl is deep with steep rounded sides rising from a short foot to a flared rim. The combination of the monochrome orange with the painted black details makes an eye catching bowl. This bowl would be lovely in a modern or traditional home.

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