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  • The Collection of Mario Buatta a Group of Chinese & English Tobacco Leaf Plates


    Provenance: The Private Collection of Mario Buatta
    A group of 8 Tobacco Leaf pattern dishes.
    Mario loved unexpected colors and well-painted flowers on porcelain. The Tobacco Leaf pattern has beautiful flowers in fabulous color combinations. The decoration features lobed leaves and hibiscus flowers. It was inspired by the flowering Nicotiana (Tobacco) plant and by patterns used on Indian and Chinese textiles and from the 17th and 18th-century.
    The pattern was developed in China circa 1770. Of all the 18th-century Chinese export porcelain patterns, this was and still is the most highly prized.
    English porcelain and pottery factories inspired by Chinese export porcelains created their own Tobacco Leaf patterns.
    We are proud to offer these eight “Tobacco Leaf” pattern plates in three variations. The four Chinese dishes have the original Chinese design. , They were made in the Qianlong period of the Qing dynasty, circa 1770.
    Also in this group are a pair of large Masons Ironstone plates dating to 1820 and a pair of Barr, Flight, Barr Worcester Porcelain plates made circa 1820.
    The Barr, Flight, Barr Worcester “Tobacco Leaf” pattern is one of the most prized of all the Worcester patterns.
    The Barr, Flight, Barr plates have the BFB impressed crown mark and a red painted number, which seem to be a museum catalog number.
    The Mason’s plates have the company’s printed mark on the reverse.
    The four porcelain Chinese export plates are, in typical fashion, not marked.

  • Group of Large Dutch Delft Jars and Vases 18th-19th and 20th Centuries


    A Group of Dutch Delft jars and open vases late 18th to 20th centuries. Please see below for a description of each of the pieces in this set.

  • 5 Porcelain Saucers with Cobalt Blue Borders Made England 19th & 20th Centuries


    5 English porcelain saucers with cobalt blue gilded borders made England 19th and 20th centuries. The gilded decoration is simple and elegant in the Regency style. The two 20th century dishes were made by Copeland Spode, The three 19th century with an impressed crown and indistinct marks indicating royal patronage.

    Dimensions: 5.25″-5.5″ diameter

    Condition: Excellent

  • Set of 12 Chinese “Laughing Boys” circa 1800


    From  the Collection of Mario Buatta
    A standout In Mario’s collection is this rare set of a dozen antique Chinese hand-painted “Laughing Boys”.

    One look and you see the individual personality of each boy. They are all happy and smiling, but each one has his own unique character.

    Made circa 1800 they wear clothing of that era. Their brightly colored jackets are exquisite and add to the joy they create.

    Dimensions: height ranging from 6″ to 7″ tall x 4″ across x 2.25″ deep

    Condition: Excellent

  • Eleven Blue and White Delft Dishes Hand Painted 18th Century Antique

  • Collection of Eleven Blue and White Delft Dishes

  • Collection of Blue and White Dutch Delft Vases


Showing all 7 results