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  • Delft Bowl with Four Matching Delft Chargers Iron-Red & Green 18th Century


    This group of a large Delft punch bowl with four corresponding Delft chargers was made in the Netherlands in the 18th century, circa 1780. Each piece is hand painted with iron red tulips, some budding, some in bloom, and some as bulbs. The tulips have forest-green leaves and touches of cobalt blue. The effect is exquisite!

    The 18th-century Dutch Delft punch bowl is hand-painted in vibrant red, green, and cobalt blue polychrome colors. Dozens of individual green-leaved red tulips seem to rise from the base of the bowl. In the well of the bowl, we see one exquisite large tulip. The four matching chargers are also hand painted with iron red tulips, forest green leaves, and touches of cobalt blue.

    Dimensions of the chargers: 12″ diameter x 1.85″ tall
    Dimensions: of the bowl: 13″ diameter x 6″ tall

    Condition of all pieces: Excellent with minor frits along the edges invisibly restored (see images).

    Price for the group: $5,800
    Price for the set of chargers: $2,560 for the set of chargers
    Price for the bowl: $3,540

  • Set of Four Delft Chargers Hand Painted 18th Century Red Green Blue


    This set of four beautiful matching Delft chargers is hand painted with iron red tulips, deep forest-green leaves, and touches of cobalt blue. Some tulips are budding, some are in bloom, and some are shown as bulbs. The effect is lively and lovely!

    Dimensions of the chargers: 12″ diameter x 1.85″ tall

    Condition of all four pieces: Excellent with minor frits along the edges invisibly restored (see images).

    Price: $2,560 for the set of four chargers

  • Group Blue and White Delft Chargers 18 Pieces Netherlands, Circa 1760-1780


    This group of blue and white Delft chargers has beautiful deep cobalt blue coloring. The white tin glaze is relatively uniform in its color. The sizes, colors, and designs make a harmonious group. The chargers were hand-painted between 1760 to 1780 and have wide borders with decoration around a central panel.

    They all measure between 13.25″ and 14″ in diameter.

    Condition: All are in excellent condition, with minimal edge frits invisibly restored.

  • Antique Blue and White Delft Group Jars and Vases


    The jars and vases in this group were made in the 18th and 19th centuries. All are in excellent or very good condition, with slight edge chips invisibly restored. They range in size from 10.5″ tall to 23.5″ tall. They are well matched for color, with the largest single jar made in the late 19th century showing a bit of the pink body under the glaze.

    Condition: Very Good to Excellent

    Price for the group: $11,600

  • Six Blue and White Chinese Porcelain Dishes Kangxi Era Made c-1700


    These six beautiful Chinese blue and white porcelain dishes were painted in the Kangxi era circa 1700. Hand-painted using both soft and dark cobalt blue, each dish is very slightly different from the others in the set. The decoration is exquisite. At the center of each dish, there are two flowering peonies emanating from rockwork. On the border surrounding the peonies are other flowers including chrysanthemums, and plum blossoms. These dishes have meaning in Chinese tradition. Peonies are much loved for their bold size and colors. They are known as the flower of “riches and honor.”* Chrysanthemums symbolize abundance, while plum blossoms symbolize endurance and hope*. The dishes are molded, and the border of each plate is fluted in a pattern similar to the petals on a flower. The total effect is delightful.

    Dimensions: 8″ in diameter x 1” in height

    Condition: Excellent with minor frits on the foot of each dish

    *See “Chinese Art A Guide to Motifs and Visual Imagery” by P B Welch.

  • Set of Six Large Blue and White Delft Chargers Hand-Painted 18th-Century


    This group makes a true blue statement. The deep cobalt blue is fabulous!  This set of six Dutch Delft chargers are hand-painted in the “Theeboom” pattern showing a tea plant with a fan-shaped bouquet of leaves and flowers. This is one of the most exquisite hand-painted designs made on Delft chargers in the 18th century, which explains why it was so popular. The pattern is lush and full of color. The deep blue decoration fills the charger. On the border are floral decorations and scroll designs. The white edges are delicately scalloped, adding another beautiful dimension to each charger. The chargers have the mark of De Klaauw “The Claw” for Delft made in the last quarter of the 18th century, or for LPK for De Porceleyne Lampetkan 1778-1811.     For an image and discussion of a group of Delft chargers with this pattern, see E B Schapp, Delft Ceramics at the Philadelphia Museum of Art pages 74 and 75.

    Dimensions: 13.5″-14.25″ in diameter        Condition: Excellent with very small edge frits invisibly restored            Price: $7,400 for the group

  • Group of Large Dutch Delft Jars and Vases 18th-19th and 20th Centuries


    A Group of Dutch Delft jars and open vases late 18th to 20th centuries. Please see below for a description of each of the pieces in this set.

  • 5 Porcelain Saucers with Cobalt Blue Borders Made England 19th & 20th Centuries


    5 English porcelain saucers with cobalt blue gilded borders made England 19th and 20th centuries. The gilded decoration is simple and elegant in the Regency style. The two 20th century dishes were made by Copeland Spode, The three 19th century with an impressed crown and indistinct marks indicating royal patronage.

    Dimensions: 5.25″-5.5″ diameter

    Condition: Excellent

Showing all 8 results