From the Collection of Mario Buatta

Mario Buatta was one of Bardith’s very best clients for four decades. Always looking for something special in each object, his taste was impeccable and resulted in a truly beautiful and important collection of ceramics. We are honored to present these offerings from his private estate.

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  • Collection of Mario Buatta a Pair of Porcelain Cups Made in England circa 1825


    Provenance: The Private Collection of Mario Buatta
    A pair of porcelain teacups made in England circa 1825. This lovely pair of Staffordshire teacups is painted with a delicate floral design featuring lavender-pink buds, green leaves, and red vines with black berries, all on a bright white ground. This pair was most likely part of a large service that Mario purchased for a client.

    Dimensions; diameter of saucer 5.5″, diameter of cup 3.25″, height of cup 2″

    Condition: There is some slight toning on both the saucers and the teacups.

  • From the Collection of Mario Buatta a Pair of Pink Luster Teacups


    Provenance: The Private Collection of Mario Buatta
    A pair of pink luster teacups showing ripe English strawberries inside a luster trelliswork, with a single luscious strawberry at the center of the saucer.

    Dimensions: 5.75″ diameter of saucer, 2″ height of teacup

    Condition: Excellent with the very slightest rubbing to the luster on the top edge of the cup and saucer.

  • From the Collection of Mario Buatta a Deep Blue Staffordshire Saucer Dish w/ Flowers


    Provenance: The Private Collection of Mario Buatta
    Mario loved beautiful hand-painted flowers on porcelain. And he loved deep blues. This large saucer dish has just that. Made in England circa 1820, the dish has elaborate sprigs of exquisite flowers hand-painted on crisp white porcelain. Lavish gilding decorates the deep blue around each flower-filled cartouche.

    Dimensions: 8.75″ diameter depth 1.5″

    Condition: Excellent

  • From The Collection of Mario Buatta Miles Mason Porcelain Coffee Can & Saucer


    Provenance: The Collection of Mario Buatta
    We purchased this porcelain cup and saucer from the estate of Mario Buatta. Made by Miles Mason in England circa 1805 the coffee cup and saucer have an exquisite pink ribbon design with small brick red flowers on a golden ground. Mario would have loved this unique and beautiful design.

    Dimensions: 3″ tall x 5.35″ diameter of the saucer

    Condition: The condition is excellent with only the very, very slightest rubbing to the gilt.

  • From the Collection of Mario Buatta a Neoclassical Saucer Dish England c-1810


    Provenance: The Private Collection of Mario Buatta
    Made in England circa 1820, this elegant and beautiful saucer dish has fluting which seems to form ripples in the porcelain.
    It is decorated with a single gold flower in the center surrounded by red flowers with gold stems and leaves.
    The border has red feathers and gold links.
    As were most of Mario’s choices it is simply beautiful.

    Dimensions: 8.5″ diameter

    Condition: Excellent

  • From The Collection of Mario Buatta A Minton Chinoiserie Cup and Saucer


    Provenance: The Private Collection of Mario Buatta
    Mario loved to have something special, especially if it had beautiful and unexpected color combinations.
    This Minton cup and saucer have both. Made in England circa 1820, the cup and saucer each show a scene of boys at play.
    The two chinoiserie scenes mix deep purple and orange with light green and several tones of blue. The colors are marvelous.

    Dimensions: The saucer 5.5″ diameter x 1″ tall, The cup 3.25″ diameter x 2.25″ tall

    Condition: Excellent

  • From The Collection of Mario Buatta a Pair of Regency Period Coffee Cups


    Provenance: The Private collection of Mario Buatta
    This pair of exquisite Regency period English coffee cans are perfect for a double espresso.
    Made circa 1820, they were likely the extra pieces from a set which Mario sold to a client.
    The gilding is exquisite. The strong colors sparkle on the white porcelain as if they were gems.
    One coffee cup has the shipper’s paper label “Buatta” on the bottom

    Dimensions: 2.5″ diameter x 2.5″ tall

    Condition: Excellent

  • From the Collection of Mario Buatta a 18th Century Chinese Porcelain Mug


    From the Collection of Mario Buatta
    This 18th-century Chinese porcelain mug is hand-painted with a crown above the motto “God Save the King” and the initials “GR” for George Regis, all depicted beneath laurel leaves and swags of purple cloth. Purple is the color of royalty.
    It is the perfect mug for an Anglophile.
    It was made for the English market circa 1770, indicating that “GR” stands for King George III.
    The regal theme is enhanced by the single large peony painted on each side of the mug. In Chinese tradition, peonies are known as the king of flowers and symbolize royalty. There is a gold heart painted on the handle.

    Dimensions: 5″ height x 3″ diameter

    Condition: Excellent

  • 5 Worcester White and Gold Saucers Circa 1800


    From the Collection of Mario Buatta
    A group of five elegant Worcester white and gold saucers made in the Regency style in England circa 1800.
    The white porcelain makes the lustrous Regency period gold stand out.
    Each of the group have lobed edges, a single gold flower in the center, and wide borders decorated with golden diamonds.
    On three of the saucers, the space around the center flower is filled with dots. On the other two saucers gently waving lines spiral to the border.
    The group is stylish and sophisticated.

    Dimensions: diameter 5.5″ height 1.25″

    Condition: Excellent

  • From The Collection of Mario Buatta 4 Sprig Decorated 18th-Century Porcelain Saucers


    From the Collection of Mario Buatta
    These four elegant 18th-century saucers were made by “The Queen’s Factory”, the factory of Queen Marie Antoinette of France, circa 1785. Bands of sprig decoration, like the one seen here, were Marie Antoinette’s favorite porcelain patterns.
    Mario was keenly aware of the historical importance of porcelains from The Queen’s Factory, and he valued elegance in his decorative style. These saucers are elegant, refined, and sophisticated.

    Dimensions: 5″ diameter x 1.25″ height

    Condition: slight rubbing to the gilded edge

  • Blue and White Staffordshire Plate


    From the Collection of Mario Buatta
    Mario loved beautiful flowers and this blue and white dish is filled with them.
    Made in England circa 1830 the design is an excellent transfer print.

    Dimensions: 10″ diameter

    Condition: Excellent.

  • Minton Chinoiserie Dish


    From the Collection of Mario Buatta
    Mario loved finding unique pieces if they were also beautiful.
    This is a rare early Minton porcelain dish with a wonderful hand-painted Chinoiserie scene. Made in England circa 1810. The dish features a delightful chinoiserie scene of a Chinese boy playing in a field. The pieces in this charming pattern were not identical: each piece would have portrayed figures performing a different activity. This pattern’s variety can be seen in a cup and saucer in this pattern, which we also acquired from Mario’s estate.
    The reverse shows the Minton mark in underglaze blue with pattern number 539.

    Dimensions: Dm 8.25 in. x H 1.5 in.

    Condition: Excellent.

  • Blue and White Staffordshire Saucer Showing Dogs


    From the Collection of Mario Buatta
    Mario loved dogs! In many of the homes he decorated he hung paintings of hounds and spaniels throughout the rooms. Here we have a small but exquisite dish showing a pair of hounds at rest. The wide border is filled with flowers and leaves in a traditional Staffordshire style of the Regency period. The lively deep cobalt blue adds to the beauty of the dish.

    Made circa 1820 the dish is marked with the factory mark of Ralph and James Clews. The Clews factory was located in Stoke-on Trent in Staffordshire.

    Dimensions: Dm 6 in.

    Condition: Excellent.

  • Pair of 19th Century Clews Deep Blue and White Dishes


    From the Collection of Mario Buatta
    Mario loved deep blue and this pair of dishes has the deepest blue.
    Each dish is covered almost completely in shades of blue. The viewer’s eye is drawn to the center where the blue is brightest. The border is dark. Only the edge is decorated with a chain of white which makes the wonderful blues stand out even more. Made in Burslem, England circa 1820 by and with the impressed mark of Ralph and James Clews the dishes feature an exquisite chinoiserie river scene.

    Dimensions: 10.5″ diameter

    Condition: Excellent with some toning visible on the reverse side only.

  • Eight Blue and White Coalport Chrysanthemum Dishes and a Platter


    From the Collection of Mario Buatta
    We are pleased to offer this fine quality set of Coalport porcelain blue and white dishes together with a single earthenware serving platter. Mario loved blue and white, and he filled his home with blue and white porcelains. This early 19th century (circa 1810), English pattern was inspired by similar Chinese patterns of the 18th century. The crisp white English porcelain allows the white flowers to stand out against the deep blue background. The blue and white is accented perfectly by the rich gilding on the rim of each dish.

    Dimensions: Dm 9.25 in.  (dishes), L 14.75 in. x W 11.75 in. (platter)

    Condition: Excellent.

  • Pair of French Neoclassical Dishes c-1820


    From the Collection of Mario Buatta
    This elegant pair of dishes have fluted borders with scalloped edges.
    Made in France circa 1820 the hand-painted borders are decorated with a neoclassical design showing cornucopia and flowering vines. But it is the colors, purple, green and blue together with lavish gilding which must have attracted Mario, and which make this pair so beautiful.

    Dimensions: 8.5″ diameter x 1.5″ height

    Condition: some rubbing to the high points on the inner gold circle

  • Pair of 18th Century Ludwigsburg Dishes


    From the Collection of Mario Buatta
    Mario loved flowers and he loved well-painted flowers on porcelain.

    This pair of Ludwigsburg dishes was made in Germany circa 1780. The outstanding quality of the hand-painted flowers is their exquisite liveliness. The flowers on the two plates are bursting with life! Hand-painted in monochrome purple each plate has a beautiful floral bouquet in the center and smaller sprigs of flowers decorating the plate as if they were strewn about.

    The material is hard-paste porcelain.

    Both dishes have the 18th-century factory mark of Ludwigsburg Porcelain which was two “C”s interlocked in blue, with one reversed, with a ducal coronet above as can be seen in images 7 and 8.

    Dimensions: 9.25” diameter

    Condition: Excellent

  • Set of 12 Chinese “Laughing Boys” circa 1800


    From  the Collection of Mario Buatta
    A standout In Mario’s collection is this rare set of a dozen antique Chinese hand-painted “Laughing Boys”.

    One look and you see the individual personality of each boy. They are all happy and smiling, but each one has his own unique character.

    Made circa 1800 they wear clothing of that era. Their brightly colored jackets are exquisite and add to the joy they create.

    Dimensions: height ranging from 6″ to 7″ tall x 4″ across x 2.25″ deep

    Condition: Excellent

  • Three Worcester Dejeuney Pattern Dishes


    From the Collection of Mario Buatta
    Mario loved beautiful color combinations on porcelains.
    Made by Chamberlains Worcester circa 1810 these three Dejeuney pattern dishes have borders painted with a deep cobalt blue ground which is decorated with amazingly lavish gilding in foliate designs. Within the border are oval cartouches painted in the ”Rich Kakiemon” style with a pattern of trellised flowers painted in bold red, green, gold and royal blue.

    The pair of dishes measure 8.5″ diameter. Both are marked Chamberlains Worcester on the reverse.

    The armorial saucer dish measures 7.75″ diameter x 1.75″ deep It has the Chamberlains Worcester pattern number 298 in purple written on the reverse.

    Condition: Excellent with one dish having fine, thin, half inch open flat line on the bottom which does not go through. See the last image.

  • Miles Mason Porcelain Cup and Saucer


    From the Collection of Mario Buatta
    Mario loved beautiful objects from the English Regency period. This cup and saucer was made by Miles Mason in England circa 1805. It is hand-painted with delicate and beautiful golden leaves and acorns. The combination of soft gilding and very fine thin red lines make the decoration of this cup and saucer unique.
    This was once part of a larger tea set. We don’t know if Mario purchased it as a single piece or as part of a set.

    Dimensions: 5.25″ diameter of the saucer x 2.75″ tall

    Condition: Excellent

  • Pair of 18th Century Swansea Creamware Botanical Dishes


    From the Private Collection of Mario Buatta
    This pair of 18th-century botanical dishes is part of the private collection of Mario Buatta. This is an especially lovely pair of dishes. Mario loved the beautiful flowers painted on English botanical dishes. He was our very best client for four decades. Just after the very successful Sotheby’s sale Bardith was privileged to purchase items from his estate.
    This pair of 18th-century hand-painted creamware dishes was made by Swansea in Wales circa 1790. Dishes showing a single botanical flower were especially popular in late 18th century Great Britain as the scientific revolution began and British ships traveled the world often returning with new and unique specimens of flowers.
    The Swansea factory in Wales provided some of the very finest botanicals painted on dishes.
    The designs for these dishes were taken from Curtis’s Botanical Magazine begun in 1787.
    On the back of the dish is the name of the flower inscribed in iron red.
    Each dish is named on the back in underglaze red:
    The pair of dishes measure 7.75″ diameter.
    On the reverse, they are named: “Two Leave’d Lady’s Sliper” and “Virgin’s Bower”

    Condition: Excellent

    For an image of similar Swansea Botanical dishes See: Jonathan Gray “The Cambrian Company, Swansea Pottery in London…”

  • Large Breakfast Cup and Saucer


    From the Collection of Mario Buatta
    This large breakfast cup and saucer is decorated with a bright green vine pattern on clean white porcelain. Made in England circa 1825, it is perfect for a very large cup of morning coffee.
    Mario loved the traditions of Regency period England and the big breakfast cup was one of them. Filled with coffee or more likely coffee and hot milk they are hard to find: tea cups were made by the dozens, but breakfast cups were made for couples and typically only made and sold two at a time.

    Dimensions: diameter of saucer: 7″ diameter of cup 4.25″ x height 3.5″

    Condition: Excellent.

  • Small Blue and White Tea Cup and Saucer


    From the Collection of Mario Buatta
    A blue and white English pottery teacup and saucer made in the Regency period circa 1825. We see a delicate overall printed pattern showing small trees. This cup was made for a tea purist. It is just large enough for a few sips of hot tea. If it were bigger, by the time one got to the last sips, the tea would have cooled a bit.

    Mario was our very best client for four decades. Blue and white was one of his passions. He loved intense blue.

    Dimensions: diameter of saucer 4.5″, diameter of cup 2.75″ x height 2.35″

    Condition: Excellent.

  • Miles Mason Regency Saucer Dish


    From the Collection of Mario Buatta
    Mario would have been intrigued the unique design of this saucer dish made in England by Miles Mason circa 1805. My mother, Edith Wolf started Bardith 58 years ago. She used to say of Miles Mason “He never made a boring dish.” I think Mario felt the same way.

    Dimensions: Dm 7.5 in.

    Condition: Excellent

  • Set of Four Imari Tobacco Leaf Saucers


    From the Collection of Mario Buatta
    Mario loved beautiful combinations of colors. This set of four English Tobacco Leaf pattern saucers have Imari colors which are exquisite. The saucers have a vivid palette of orange red, cobalt blue, and gold. The cobalt coloring is outlined in gold which gives the design a luxurious touch.

    Dimensions: 5.5 inches diameter

    Condition: Excellent.

  • Large Antique Chinese Porcelain Tankard


    From the Collection of Mario Buatta
    We purchased this mug from the estate of Mario Buatta. Mario was one of our very best clients for four decades.

    This large and beautiful Chinese mug is hand-painted with vivid images of birds and flowers. Lavish baroque-style gilt adds to its beauty. The exquisite decoration blends Chinese motifs with Western baroque style gilding. It’s a feast for the eyes.

    Dimensions: Dm 4.5 in. x H 5.5 in. x D 7 in. (to the end of the handle.

    Condition: Excellent.

  • Two Pink Lustre Tea Cups & Saucers in Strawberry Pattern


    From the Collection of Mario Buatta
    Two antique pink lustreware teacups and saucers. These cups and saucers feature a gorgeous, feminine strawberry pattern. Made in England they date from ca. 1830. The red strawberries have brick red seeds and green leaves. They grow on curvy stems with multiple delicate curlicue tendrils. The rims of the cup and saucer have narrow pink lustre bands which border the strawberry pattern.

    Dimensions: Dm 3.25 in. x H 2.25 in. (cup) Dm 5 5/8 in. x H 1 1/8 in. (saucer)

    Condition: Excellent. Very slight wear to pink lustre on cup rims, typical of age and use.

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