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  • Set of Eight Dollar Pattern Coffee Cans Made in England, circa 1820


    Perfect for a double espresso! The colors are fabulous on this set of eight coffee cans decorated in the exquisite “Dollar” pattern. Spode made this set in England circa 1820. The decoration shows hand-painted panels with brilliant red, orange, and gold on clean white ground. Around the panels is a deep cobalt blue ground decorated with golden vines and flowers. This rich blue ground is a beautiful complement to the bright red in the white panels. The pattern is known as the “Dollar” pattern because the red decoration in the panels forms a design that resembles a dollar sign (see image #2).

    Dimensions: 2.75″ tall x 2.75″ diameter

    Condition: The condition is excellent; one handle has some gilt touched in.

  • Set Ten Hand-Painted Plates Spode Chrysanthemum Swirl Pattern England Circa 1810


    WHY WE LOVE IT: A Great Pattern! And a Great Color Combination of Green and Gold! We are pleased to offer this fabulous set of 10 “Green Chrysanthemum Swirl” pattern dishes made by Spode in the early 19th century (circa 1810). This English pattern was inspired by similar Chinese patterns of the 18th century. The crisp white of the Spode pearled creamware allows the green and gold chrysanthemum design to stand out. In Chinese lore, chrysanthemums represent a happy life. Having chrysanthemums was also thought to prolong life. Therefore, these dishes have a positive motif of happiness and well-being.

    Dimensions: diameter 8.75″

    Condition: Very good. Images of the underside of various plates in the group show the impressed “Spode” mark and style #1472 in gold lettering. In addition, one of the dishes has a fine short line on the back which does not go through to the front (see image #7). If one looks closely at the images, several dishes show some crazing on the back, which is not visible on the front of any of the dishes. Crazing results from fine separations between the glaze and the underlying earthenware body when the dishes were originally fired in the kiln.

  • Blue and White and Gold Dish Made in England by Spode, Circa 1820


    This exquisite Regency period dish is painted in underglaze deep blue cobalt. Because the porcelain is translucent the intensity of the blue varies in the light. The blue ground is decorated with golden leaves and white peonies and daisies. The design is so well done that we can almost feel the texture of white flowers. The vibrant cobalt blue and the lavish gilt are as stunning today as they were 200 years ago.

    Dimensions: diameter 8.25″ x 1.5″ height

    Condition: Excellent

  • Pair of Spode Ironstone Plates Lavender & Pink Borders Made England, circa 1820


    A pair of Spode plates, 9.5″ diameter, made in England, circa 1820. The centers are decorated with flowers and rockwork in a chinoiserie design. The exquisite border is decorated with a patterned lavender and iron-red design and further decorated with blue and green branch-like decorations around cartouches filled with pink roses.

    Dimensions: 9.5″ diameter

    Condition: Excellent

  • Pair of Antique Porcelain Wine Coolers in the Dollar Pattern Hand Painted


    Why we love it: The colors and the pattern!
    This pair of wine coolers is decorated in the wonderful “Dollar” pattern. It was made by Spode in England circa 1820. The pattern is known as the “Dollar” pattern because the lavender tree and the green vines in the panels form a design which sometimes resembles a dollar sign (see image #2). The exquisite decoration is hand painted with brilliant lavender, green, red and gold on a clean white ground. Around the panels is a wine red ground decorated with golden vines and flowers. This rich wine red ground is a beautiful complement to the bright panels. The coolers would also make wonderful cache pots.

    Dimensions: 6.5″ tall x 7.75″ diameter

    Condition: The condition is excellent, with very slight staining at the bottom of the inside.

  • Spode Footbath

  • Pair of Antique Porcelain Fruit Coolers

  • Pair of Antique Tureens with Chinoiserie Decoration


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