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  • Pair Blue and White Delft Tobacco Jars Delft Netherlands 18th Century Circa 1770


    This outstanding pair of Dutch Delft blue and white tobacco jars were made circa 1770 to hold a type of tobacco named “DÜÎNKERKER.”
    Made in the city of Delft circa 1770, the cobalt blue decoration on the jars is outstanding.
    Framing the title of the jar is a lovely floral decoration of leaves, small flowers, and scrolling vines.
    At the top of the floral decoration, we see a vase bursting with leaves and flowers.
    The covers are 20th century.

    Dimensions: 8.75″ tall (11″with covers) x 7.25″ diameter at widest point

    Condition: Excellent


    One of the pair has the mark of The Blompot on the underside. The Blompot factory operated from 1654 until 1841.
    In addition, the Philadelphia Museum of Art has an almost identical tobacco jar made by a competing contemporary Dutch Delft factory. The museum notes the name on the jar, “DÜÎNKERKER,” refers to a type of tobacco that was more commonly known as DÜÎNKERKEN, spelled with an “N” at the end. Duinkerken is a type of chewing tobacco.
    (For more details from the Philadelphia Museum of Art listing, see ** below)

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