Set of Ten Large Clear Glass Champagne Flutes 18th Century


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This is a beautiful set of ten large (8.5inches tall) English mid-18th century ( circa 1760) clear champagne flutes (even though in the main image the glass does not appear clear, that is due to the photoshopping. The glasses are clear glass, see the other photos.)The funnel-shaped bowls are set upon a tubular stem rising from a circular foot. On the bottom of the foot is a pontil mark (see images). The mark is the scar where the pontil was broken from the hand-blown glass. This indicates that the glass was blown freehand as it was in the 18th century.

Dimensions: 8.5 inches tall x 3.75 inches diameter at base and top

Condition: Excellent

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Background of the Champagne Flute

The champagne flute was developed along with other wine stemware in the early 1700s as the preferred shape for sparkling wine as materials for drinking vessels shifted from metal and ceramic to glassware. In the 18th century, the well-appointed English home included stemware made in England which produced fine glass known as “Flint” glass. Perhaps the family’s collection would have included glass champagne flutes. This English glass was acclaimed in Europe for its clarity and beauty. It tended to be slightly heavier than other European glass and sought to imitate rock crystal which is why we now use the word “crystal” for fine glassware.

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Dimensions 8.5 in