Christmas Colors Antique Nailsea Glass Bell Red & White with Green Handle c 1840


This bell is red and white with a green handle. It is perfect for Christmas.
Made in the Nailsea glassworks in England circa 1840 the blown glass is colored with red and white marbling and is elegantly shaped. It has an exquisite forest green glass handle. The sound of the bell ringing is lovely.
In the 1840s bells like this one were wedding bells. Given as gifts to the newly married couple as a reminder of the church bells that were rung when the couples walked from the church. The ringing of wedding bells is a tradition that traces back to Scotland. Bells were first rung in the churches of Scotland to announce newlyweds. The ringing bells spread the news of the marriage across long distances, so bells after a wedding let the whole area know that the couple was now happily married.

Dimensions: 11.5″ tall x 5.5″ diameter across the bottom

Condition: Excellent. Ringer is modern replacement.

In stock

Background of Nailsea glass

In 1788, John Robert Lucas built a glassworks at Nailsea. He picked Nailsea because of the plentiful supply of coal for the factory’s furnaces from local mines in the Nailsea Basin.

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