John and William Ridgway Armorial Cabinet Plate Hand Painted England Circa 1850


This cabinet plate is a remarkable piece of hand-painted bone china from the John Ridgway factory in England, dating back to around 1850. Its intricate design is a testament to the craftsmanship of the time. The puce border, adorned with elaborate gilt details, along with the shaped and gilded edge, add opulence to this piece.

Condition: In excellent condition, consistent with age and usage.

Dimensions: 10” diameter.

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What truly makes this plate special is the armorial display featuring the Marital Arms of Torlonia and Sforza. The use of multicolored enamels in its decoration showcases the artistry involved. The cavetto, with its complex gilt scrollwork, further enhances its beauty.
With a diameter of 10 inches, it’s a substantial piece that would make a stunning addition to any collection.
For those interested in its historical significance, the armorial bearings on this plate commemorate the marriage of Marino Salvatore Ignazio Torlonia, the Duke of Poli and Guadagnolo, and Anna Sforza Cesarini in 1821. These are no ordinary arms; they come ensigned with a coronet of a Papal duke, reflecting the prestigious titles held by the Torlonia family.
Please ask if you would like many more details on the history and meaning of the armorial.

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