Meissen Porcelain 18th Century Leaf Dish Hand Painted Circa 1770


This large 18th century Meissen porcelain leaf form dish incorporates the prevailing artistic trends of the time. Rococo art was known for its emphasis on asymmetry and naturalistic motifs inspired by nature, such as flowers. Meissen porcelain, in the Rococo style, was characterized by delicate and intricate designs. This dish was hand painted with vibrant hues, including pinks, yellows, greens, orange and purple. The colors were applied in a soft and blended manner, creating a sense of delicacy and elegance. The composition of the floral bouquets is arranged in an informal, loose style. The flowers appear as if they were casually gathered together, creating a sense of spontaneity and natural beauty.

Dimensions: 13″ long x 9.5″ wide x 2″ deep

Condition: Excellent with slight rubbing to the outer edge gilt in one place (seen best in close-up image #3)

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Meissen porcelain decorated with loose bouquets of flowers was a popular motif during the Rococo period. These floral decorations were highly sought after and represented the delicate and naturalistic aesthetic of the time.
The bouquets were often composed of various types of flowers which were meticulously hand-painted with great attention to detail, capturing the colors, shapes, and textures of the different blooms.

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