Pink Roses Hand Painted on Antique Porcelain Dish England Circa 1810 by New Hall

This exquisite antique porcelain saucer dish was hand painted at the renowned New Hall China Works in England circa 1810.
It is a piece of artistry that has gracefully withstood the test of time, carrying a rich history and a captivating story.
The dish has three main elements; a center with delicate gilded leaves, two bands of deep cobalt blue encircling a wide border of hand painted pink roses with vibrant green leaves. Every stroke of the artist’s brush brings these blossoms to life, their petals seemingly frozen in perpetual bloom.
Intricate gilding adorns the dish with an exquisite arrangement of leaves delicately kissed by gold. This attention to detail adds a touch of luxury, elevating this saucer dish to a realm of true luxury.
Measuring a generous 8.5 inches in diameter and with a depth of 1.5 inches, this saucer dish possesses both beauty and practicality. Its condition is excellent, with only a faint rubbing on the gilded edge.
Dimensions: 8.5″ diameter x 1.5″ deep
Condition: Excellent with very slight rubbing to the gilded edge
Price: $330
The dish is marked on the reverse with the New Hall mark for pattern 1865.
Background of New Hall porcelain: Between 1781 and 1835, the New Hall China Works made porcelain wares. Initially, the factory produced only hard paste porcelain. Then, beginning 1812 to 1814, the factory began to make bone china.
Picture this dish serving as a “Hello Dish” near the entrance of your home, welcoming guests while providing a convenient spot for keys and other small items.