Two Pairs of Blue and White Chinese Porcelain Dishes 18th Century


Made in the Qianlong Era circa 1770, these remarkable Chinese blue and white porcelain dishes were hand painted in an exquisite combination of soft and deep cobalt blues.
The pure white porcelain base is covered with a glaze of a slightly blueish tint.
Because they are hand-painted, each dish has an individual character through subtle variations in the details.
On the pair of dishes in the center, delicate peonies unfurl near a single chrysanthemum.
The dishes have four panels on the border, each showing elegant branches with beautiful plum blossoms.
The total effect is delightful!
Deeply rooted In Chinese tradition, the beautiful flowers on these dishes have symbolic meanings.
Much loved for their bold size and colors, peonies are known as the flower of “riches and honor (fuguihua),”
The cherished chrysanthemum, cultivated in China for three millennia, symbolizes both longevity and intellectual achievements, its allure transcending time.
While the plum blossoms, with their enduring bloom in the harshness of late winter, embody the virtues of resilience, purity, and optimism.
The undersides of these two dishes are marked in the center with the open lozenge, one of the revered Eight Precious Things*, and a symbol of good fortune and abundance.
Also, painted on the underside along the border, we see a traditional pair of scrolling vines (see image#12).
Taking center stage on the left and right dishes, a traditional garden tableau unfurls.
We see flowers before a garden fence, buds emanating from rockwork, and plum blossoms near a bamboo screen.
The scene encapsulates the essence of an 18th-century Chinese garden.
On the reverse, once again, we see the traditional pair of scrolling vines gracing the border.

Dimensions: 8.5″-8.75″ in diameter x 1″ in height

Condition: Excellent

*”The Eight Precious Things are general symbols of good luck and prosperity in Chinese art.” See Chinese Art A Guide to Motifs and Visual Imagery by P B Welch, pg 228.

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